Standard Calibration Rigs


3D model of Standart Calibration Rig with the main elements description

Standard rigs based on gauging tank and flowmeter are used for primary and periodic calibration of Mechanical displacement meter provers with 100 to 4000 m3/hr capacity. These rigs evaluate the volume of calibrated section and perform calibration of Mechanical displacement meter provers. The principle of action employs the flowmeter working as a comparing unit to transfer the first class gauging tank volume to the Mechanical displacement meter prover that is being calibrated.

Standard calibration rigs consist of:

  • flowmeter-comparing unit;
  • first class gauging tank;
  • pressure and temperature transmitters;
  • temperature gauge;
  • pressure gauge;
  • storage tank;
  • pumps;
  • valves;
  • data processing system;
  • scales of high-quality accuracy.

All components are structurally connected with piping and placed on the metal platform. Standard Calibration Rigs are connected to Mechanical displacement meter provers via flexible hoses.

Standard Calibration Rigs are fabricated according to the requirements of TU-4213-003-95715144-2009.

Standard Calibration Rigs have Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments as well as included in the National Register of Measuring Equipments.

The advantages of such types of Standard Calibration Rig are:

  • Versatility;
  • Mobility;
  • Reduction of calibration time;
  • Reduction of human error risk.

Standard Calibration Rigs perform the following functions:

  • mechanical displacement meter provers calibrated section volume measuring;
  • volumetric flow rate indication;
  • temperature measuring;
  • pressure measuring.

Standard Calibration Rigs can be stationary, mobile and explosion proof. Has GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity (for operation in explosion hazard zones) № 0030176.


Technical characteristics

                            Parameter                              Value  
Estimated volume range, m3                     from 1 tо 40 
Limits of relative error in reproducible volumetric values, %                          ±0,02 
Pressure measuring range, МПа                      from 0,1 tо 1,0 
Limits of relative error in pressure measuring, %                          ±0,6
Limits of relative error in temperature measuring, °С                         ±0,2
                                                                     Operating conditions 
Mechanical displacement meter prover outlet pressure range, МПа                    from 0,1 tо 1,0
Ambient air temperature range,°С                    from +10 tо +30
Operating medium in operating conditions  Drinking water according to SanPiN
Operating medium temperature range,°С                   from +10 tо +30
                                                      Electric power supply: alternate current  
VoltageV                 380/220(-15+10)% 
FrequencyHz                          50±1
Overall dimensions, mm (L×W×H)                7350×2280×2320