Pipeline Surge Relief Systems


3D model of PSRS in the block-modular building with the main equipment description


Pipeline Surge Relief System is related to the class of the main pipeline protection working on the liquid media. During the operation of such pipelines at the moment of changing the pumping mode and flowrate in the pipeline, there are complex wave processes. Change in the pumping mode can be caused by opening/closing of valves and/or change of operating modes of the pump units. The consequences of these violations can lead to significant economic losses. It is not only about financial losses as a result of the equipment breakdown, but also about the ecological catastrophes.

Pressure Relief Valves form the basis of PSRS. Depending on required flow rate there can be from two to four of them in the unit with identical DN which also depends on the flow rate. In such a case one Pressure Relief Valve shall be backup, and all the rest shall provide the necessary flow rate. PSRS characteristics including the quantity and unit size of the relief valves are determined on the basis of the transient processes calculation arising from the moment of the pump units shutdown at the pump station.

Types of implementation:

PSRS unit can be supplied separately constructed on the skid or in block-modular building. It’s so called block-modular supply including PSRS mounted on the base of the building, and this building together with PSRS is mounted on site with factory-fabricated constructions.