Process Control System

  • development of technical specification on Process Control System fabrication;
  • Process Control System design documentation development;
  • software development;
  • hardware and software supply, PLC Programming;
  • perform start-up and commissioning.

Standard Process Control System is based on three-level hierarchical approach:

  • lower level – processing facilities (Electrical Control & Instrumentation) level;
  • middle level - Programmable Logic Controllers level;
  • upper level – Automatic Control Operation level.

Fabricated Process Control Systems serve the following purposes:

  • increase the efficiency of production process;
  • provide safety of production process;
  • improve control performance;
  • equipment availability and Operational Utilization;
  • operation and emergency data storage.

Process Control Systems serve the following functions:

  • automatic control of the required technological parameters;
  • automatic protection of process equipment for emergency and limit values of controlled parameters and in case of systems failures;
  • program control and maintenance of equipment and accessories specified operation mode and standard operating conditions;
  • program control of equipment preparation and response to operator commands;
  • equipment operation and response failure detection via command execution control;
  • display and recording of basic testing technological parameters, equipment status parameters during pumping and start-up or maintenance;
  • data processing report generation and transmission to supervisory control system.

Upon the Customer’s request, Process Control System can be equipped with hand control unit - BRUSB and emergency shutdown subsystem – ESD. This equipment is a complex of instruments that provides remote manual control of equipment, self-contained light and audio alarm, bringing the unit to a safe state in case of primary control and monitoring circuit failure, as well as start up and maintenance of process equipment during the scheduled maintenance operations. The system employs double conversion uninterrupted power sources in order to ensure the power supply of automation systems and subsystems that provide high-voltage transient protection and instant switch from normal to automatic mode of function and back.Automated Process Control Systems are based on the hardware and software complex that employs microchip technology of Schneider Electric, Siemens, Honeywell and etc.

Process Control Systems are provided with standard certificates and certificates of approval. Guarantee period on supplied equipment is not less than 18 months.