Nitrogen Generating Unit


3d model of Adsorptive Nitrogen Generation Unit with the main equipment description


Nitrogen generation units manufactured by OGSB are complete turnkey systems for generation of nitrogen in the field with chemical purity from 90% to 99,999%. Nitrogen unit capacity, nitrogen necessary concentration and final product pressure are configured individually for each order. Optionally itХs possible to manufacture the unit in a mobile implementation. Nitrogen generation units are used for generation of nitrogen out of the atmospheric air. There are various technological types of nitrogen generation units which differ by the method of obtaining nitrogen from the atmospheric air. OGSB manufactures membrane and adsorptive nitrogen generation units.

Membrane Nitrogen Units

In membrane nitrogen units compressed air passes through the membranes which consist of a large quantity of hollow fibers. In this case oxygen goes out through fibersХ walls and nitrogen passes through the fibers to the end. At the membrane outlet compressed gaseous nitrogen is generated. Maximum purity of produced nitrogen is up to 99,95%. This is one of the most reliable technologies of nitrogen generation. The equipment has a long service life and is easy in maintenance. Membrane nitrogen unit can also be used as an air compressor.

Adsorptive Nitrogen Units

In adsorptive nitrogen units air under pressure is entered into the vessel filled with adsorbent absorbing oxygen. Accordingly nitrogen only comes out of the vessel. When the vessel adsorbent is saturated with oxygen, all air enters into the second similar vessel, and the first is purged for oxygen removal. This process is called short-cycle adsorption (SCA for short). Adsorptive nitrogen units in comparison with membrane nitrogen units have higher purity Р up to 99,9995%. Low energy consumption is also an advantage. But adsorptive nitrogen units are less mobile and more complicated in maintenance.