Welded single basket filters


3D model of Filter with the main elements description


In 2009 OGSB mastered the production of welded single basket filters. Standard model of welded filters may operate at the pressure up to 20 MPa, employing the sizes of nozzles from 25mm to 500mm. Inlet and outlet nozzles can be manufactured for welded, threaded or flanged connection according to the requirements of Russian and foreign standards.

Filters are completed with usual closures or quick opening closures. Quick opening closure is equipped with a special safety device preventing possible opening when there is pressure inside. Filter body is manufactured from carbon steel. Cartridge is produced from stainless steel. On customerХs request filters can be additionally completed with instrumentation and controls for measuring of the cartridge pollution intensity level.

OGSB manufactures filters according to Technical Specifications ТУ 28.99.39-014-95715144-2019. Certificate of Compliance to Requirements of Technical Regulations of Customs union 0049831.