Oil Quantity and Quality Measuring Systems

3D модель СИКН на массовых расходомерах eng.jpg    3D модель СИКН на турбинных преобрахователях eng.jpg  
3D model of LACT with mass flowmeters with the main elements description                                                                          
3D model of LACT with five instrumentation lines with turbine flow transducer

OGSB fabricates complete Oil Quantity and Quality Measuring Systems, that may include the following units depending on the technical specification:
• Filter units;
• Meter Run Units;
• Oil Quality Measuring Unit;
• Mechanical Displacement Meter Provers;
• Standard Calibration Rig;
• Pressure Regulating Unit;
• Data Processing System;

Oil Quantity and Quality Measuring Systems fabricated by OGSB carry out the following key functions:
• Automatic oil net and gross weight measuring;
• Automatic technological parameters measuring;
• Automatic oil quality measuring;
• Automatic and manual oil sampling;
• Measured values display and logging;
• Calibration of operating and standard instruments onsite with no interruption of measuring process;
• Instruments metrological performance control onsite with no interruption of measuring process;
• Recording, backing up and issue of calibration and metrological performance control reports in automatic mode within specified period of time;
• Data transmission to the appropriate port (up-per level service).
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