From our engineering and project management offices in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and fabrication and assembly facility in Swansea, South Wales, we undertake the complete design and supply of skid mounted or packaged equipment.

Since 1989, OGS has supplied to satisfied clients throughout the world. We are accredited by major international operators in the oil, gas and power industries, gas turbine producers and EPC companies. Our scope of supply includes the responsibility for all stages of project execution including initial design, detailed design of process, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, manufacturing, testing, packing and shipping. We also provide a site erection and commissioning service if required.


The OGSB plant shipped welded filters for the Urengoy-Pur-Peh Oil Condensate Pipeline.
The first recipient of the status of resident in early 2018 was the company  "Oil and Gas Systems Baltia",LTD.
OGSB shipped a mobile mechanical displacement meter prover with straight calibrated section to Transneft-Metrology.


OGSB fabricates complete Oil Quantity and Quality Measuring Systems, that may include the following units depending on the technical specification: Filter units, Meter Run Units, Oil Quality Measuring Unit, Mechanical Displacement Meter Provers

Oil Quality Measuring Unit is designed to carry out automatic measuring of physical and chemical properties of the oil quality comprising the metering operations and automatic logging with specified accuracy.

Technological Unit functionally unites Meter Run Unit and Oil Quality Measuring Unit. Structurally, it is a combination of instruments and equipment, process and drainage piping, valves mounted on skid for flow rate, oil products technological and quality parameters metering.

In 2009 OGSB mastered the production of welded single basket filters. Standard model of welded filters may operate at the pressure up to 20 MPa, employing the sizes of nozzles from 25mm to 500mm. Inlet and outlet nozzles can be manufactured for welded, threaded.

One of the main production lines of OGSB is Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover with capacity from 100 to 4000 m3/hour (ANSI 150 – ANSI 900). Mechanical Displacent MeterProver is designed for calibration.

Standard rigs based on gauging tank and flowmeter are used for primary and periodic calibration of Mechanical displacement meter provers with 100 to 4000 m3/hr capacity.

Standard Test Measures are employed for the calibration of the flowmeters and 1st rate meter provers. Standard Test Measures are manufactured according to TU 4213–006–95715144-2010.

OGSB offers services regarding the fabrication of automatic control boxes, connection boxes, fire and security alarm boxes, electrical boxes of different complexity.

OGSB provides full range of activities regarding Process Control Systems fabrication: development of technical specification on Process Control System fabrication, Process Control System design documentation development, software development.

There is an increasing demand in energy technologies for gas with removed solids and fine entrained liquids, as well as heated to a certain temperature. Such product is widely used in gas turbine systems, where insufficient purification.

Automated Systems for loading and metering of LPG are designed for the automatic delivery/acceptance and automated metering of oil and LPG in mass and/or volume units at the loading/discharge stations for rail and car tanks at the refineries and gas stations.

Cabinet-type gas control units based on pressure regulators are designed for: reduction of inlet pressure of natural gas to a given level and its automatic maintenance in the set limits regardless of change of inlet pressure, gas filtration, short-term relief of excess gas pressure.

Nitrogen generation units manufactured by OGSB are complete turnkey systems for generation of nitrogen in the field with chemical purity from 90% to 99,999%.